Il Tempo Addosso

Il Tempo Addosso is an independent publishing project developed around my latest sketchbooks. The focus is not only on my drawings, but also on the creation process, giving value to imperfections, smudges, tryouts and paint stains. By showing these attributes I wanted to associate an intimate practice such as drawing, to an approach that can also be adopted in life. A path where we can try to understand the environment around us, experimenting freely with ideas and, above all, where we can make some mistakes.

With these studies on paper, one of the concepts that I aim to express is periphery. Periphery through time, as in being forgotten, and through space, as in being lost. But, most importantly, periph- ery, in relation to human social life.

Inside you can find a poem by Luisa Gardini and a text by Riccardo Pellegrini

* Each fanzine has been decorated internally and externally with oil paint and acrylic paint paper collage elements.

Cover: Each cover is unique and different from the others
Dalì Modigliani paper 260 gsm
Inside: 56 pages printed in black and white
Woodstock Betulla paper 225 gsm
Dalì Modigliani paper 120 gsm
Size 21 x 14.8 cm

Mini fanzine: 24 pages printed in black and white
Dcp Ivory paper 100 gsm
Size 7 x 14.8 cm

Self published
First edition 100 copies
Finished printing in March 2021,at Studio Perugino, Milan, Italy

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